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New To CrossFit
If you are new to CrossFit or Olympic style lifting please fill out the submission form for a One-On-One, complementary, session to get a tour of our beautiful facility, learn about our programs and training methodology. During the session we will work with you to assess what programs will work best for you and set up a plan for working towards what is really important to you.
Experienced CrossFitter
If you are transferring from another CrossFit affiliate and would like to see how CrossFit Old Fashion may fit in with your life then submit our form, and give us an indication of your experience level. We will set up a One-On-One session to assess how you may fit into our community and what is the best course of action. Before you purchase any membership we will assess your movement and your understanding of what we have determined to be the nine foundational movements of CrossFit. This assessment is pass/fail and will determine if we will need you to spend time in our foundational program before moving into our community CrossFit Workout of the Day program.

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