May 19, 2020


May 19, 2020


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CrossFit Old Fashion, Persistence Athletics – Workout of the Day

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”


2 rounds for 30-seconds of:

Jump to target

Air squats

Toe Touches

Air clean

Push-ups to downward dog

Leg raises

Specific Warm-up


“Penguin Drill”

2 sets of each:

• 30-seconds of jumping with single hand taps

• 30-seconds of jumping with double hand taps

• 1-minute of double-unders or practice


Perform 5-10 reps of each:

Hollow rock

Superman rock

Scapular pull-up

Kip swing


Hang power clean

Perform the following progression with an empty barbell:

20 Elbow rotations

5 Tall cleans

5 Front squats

5 Hang power cleans

Build-up by performing 3 sets of 3 touch and go reps, increasing in load each set.


10 double-unders

3 hang power cleans

3 pull-ups

Workout of the Day

Metcon (Time)

10 rounds for time of:

30 double-unders

10 hang power cleans

10 pull-ups

♀ 75 lb. ♂ 115 lb.


30 sec calf stretch on wall

30 sec slow cobra pose

30 sec slow cat-cow