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CrossFit Basics is a scaled down version of our regular CrossFit classes and focuses almost exclusively on teaching the nine foundational movements of CrossFit. You can request to test out of CrossFit Basics whenever you feel you are ready to participate in regular CrossFit classes, or you may remain in CrossFit Basics indefinitely.

CrossFit Basics is mandatory for individuals with no prior CrossFit experience.

Bootcamp consists of programming that utilizes primarily bodyweight movements, light kettlebell-, sandbag- and dumbbell-work. No barbell-work is featured in these classes. Expect the workouts to be longer in duration than typical CrossFit/CrossFit Basics class workouts.

Basics at CF Old Fashion

Here is a look at our CrossFit basics class with coach Christopher.Basics classes are the gateway to our regular CrossFit Class; We take great pride in the quality of our coaching and coaching Staff, and Basics class provide us the opportunity to teach the fundamentals of functional movements with enough time to practice and master the movement quality.Once learned correctly provides the ability and buffer to stay away from choice pain for the rest of life. NEW Class time added for October -Tuesday and Thursday – 7:00 AM, 6:00 PM and 7:00 PMSaturday – 11:30 AM

Posted by CrossFit Old Fashion on Saturday, September 28, 2019
CrossFit Basics with Coach Chistopher




  • Unlimited CrossFit
  • Gymnastics
  • Open Gym
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Note: Class times vary around weekends and holidays. Please see full calendar for updates

Basics & Bootcamp Coaches

Christopher Hadlock

Jacqueline Dewangan

Max Lessman

Meg Herscher

Nicholette Daniel

Ravi Dewangan