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I am new to CrossFit

I’ve known about CrossFit gyms since high school, but the stigma always turned me away. I want to be active but feel like I need help. Will I be able to do crazy workouts?

I have friends who have tried to get me to try CrossFit for years, but my parents taught me to fear cults, and I really don’t like the taste of cool-aid. What is CrossFit, really, and is it something that I can do without becoming a meat-head or super muscley?

I have been working out at a gym for some time, and while it can sometimes feel great, I leave worrying about that staying fit has become a chore that isn’t getting me anywhere. I want to approach fitness like a science and an art rather than as if I was throwing spaghetti against a wall to see if it’s done.

Is CrossFit for me?
Yes! Start with a free 1 on 1 Consultation!

Feel free to send a message with your questions and concerns. We would love to help you get started!

I am an experienced athlete.

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I have experience with CrossFit

I know or am beginning to know all the acronyms: WOD, ROM, 1RM… Girl or Hero? I definitely have an opinion. I know how to load and lift a barbell. I understand the difference between a clean, a push jerk, and a snatch, and between the overhead, front and back squats. I could easily converse about wall ball shot weight and what would be doable but slightly uncomfortable in the WOD. I’m looking for programming from a skilled team known for getting results.

I have been going to a CrossFit gym for a few months and I’m starting to understand that I’m am capable of more. I want more guidance. I’m not looking for cheerleaders but a community where I can grow as an athlete. I feel comfortable enough to walk into a gym in which I’ve never been and work on Sumo Deadlift High Pulls and Double Unders. I am looking for a place where the coaches are knowledgeable and supportive enough to guide me to achieving my goals.

I have done CrossFit before. How is CrossFit Old Fashion different from other gyms I have been to?

CrossFit is a generalized fitness methodology, but that does not mean anyone can do every workout.

You may have an injury, reach a plateau, or just feel burned out. Our coaches considering your needs make the difference between doing ‘same old program’ and reaching your fitness goals.

I am new to CrossFit.